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Michael Trepky & Ron Frieboes Wire Wrap Jewelry

Wire Wrap Jewelry

Michael TrepkyMichael and Ron have been making their Wire Wrap Jewelry forRon Frieboes several years.  They each have their own specialties when it comes to making the jewelry.  Michael makes most of the Pendants, Rings and Earrings, while Ron makes most of the Bracelets.  Michael says that each item must be carefully studied and preferably learned from a Master Wire Wrapper.  Both Ron and Michael have studied under Master Wire Wrappers to learn their art.  They are currently living and working in Worden, Montana.

They use either Sterling Silver Wire or 14K Gold Fill Wire (1/20 Gold Content - Not Plated) in making their Wire Wrap Jewelry.  Michael and Ron create their own original designs when making jewelry and intend for it to be both beautiful and durable.

Making Wire Wrap JewelryMichael commented that he had recently broken one of his fingernails which made his work much more difficult, as his nails are one of his best tools when it comes to making Wire Wrap Jewelry.  Michael also said he makes this type of jewelry because he enjoys it so much and sometimes will stay at it (making jewelry) all night long to complete a project.

The gallery below shows a few of their pieces made using several different types of stones - although Michael says that one of the reasons he lives in Montana is because of his love for Montana Agate.  Michael and Ron have been creating some special pieces of jewelry using Montana Agate and Rising Sun Wholesale is very happy to post the gallery of their work below and another gallery of a few of their Montana Agate pieces in this Gallery.  We hope they continue their work and make many more pieces using our Montana Agate.

Michael and Ron's Photo Gallery

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Photography by: masonwebdesign


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