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Western Artist - Vicky C. Stroud

Western Artist - Vicky C. Stroud (Page #2 Wall of Fame)


We recently met Western Artist, Vicky Stroud, and were very impressed with her paintings.  So we decided to post a few of them here for others to see, along with a little background information.


Vicky C. Stroud:

Western Artist Vicky C. Stroud"I was born in Idaho but raised and spent most of my life in Montana. I studied pastel, oil and the basics of color and drawing with Ina Oyler, in Idaho Falls, when I was 11 and 12 years old. At 19, I attended the Laguna Beach School of Art and Design, in California for a year. Otherwise, I am self taught through my passion for art work.

I have painted on canvas ,saw blades, skulls, you name it. If it sits still, I'll paint on it. I began painting on slabs of rock and agate six months ago and absolutely love it. Pet portraits are really fun and I have done many of them. I use acrylic on the rock paintings as it works great for detail. I have done many commissioned paintings.

Kids are raised and now my life is dedicated to my passion for painting." - Vicky


Paintings on Montana Agate and Other Stones










(Page #2 Wall of Fame)

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