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This area will be updated as we complete various tasks in our Multi-Million Dollar Project.


Completed Tasks - thus far:

  • June 2007  -  Design preparation.

  • July 2007  -  Sorting first 3 tons of Montana Agate to be used for Tumbling and Crushing.

  • July 2007  -  Prepped Driveway and Sidewalk for 1/2" layer of crushed and polished Montana Agate.

  • July thru Present  -  Completed 16 of the 20" Montana Agate Panels.  We will be using 40 of these panels, as well as two large crosses, specially designed and built byJoe Love Custom Montana Agate Cross Joe Love.

  • September 2007  -  The Giant Tumbler finished and working hard to grind and smooth 1,500 pounds of Montana Agate with each batch.

  • October 2007  -  The Rock Crusher and Generator put into service.

  • January 2008  -  The Security System is nearly completed, and will have several cameras with continuous monitoring.  The system will be fully functional within the next few weeks.

  • January 2008  -  Montana Agate Mailbox, Panels and Cross mounted and lighted.

  • November 2008 - The project is really starting to take shape with the addition a 2nd Joe Love original Cross (shown top right of this page) and  New Colorful Center Panel.  We've added photos of the latest additions HERE.

  • January thru April 2009 - Finished crushing several tons of Montana Agate with our custom-built Rock Crusher.

  • June 7th 2009 - Added large Eagle with over 6,000 Montana Agate Cabochons embedded on it.  Also added decorative areas around trees with over 2 tons of crushed Montana Agate.  (Please see the photographs below)






Agate Cross            Agate Mailbox



A few of the Problems we have encountered:Large Rock Tumbler

  • Gathering Large amounts of Montana Agate.

  • Finding Agate that is good enough quality for Joe Love to use.  Joe is very discriminating about using good quality stones for the items he creates.

  • Construction and Fine-Tuning Giant Tumbler number One (Two more to come online).

  • Working out the proper amounts of grit, time and water to properly grind the Agate. (For example adjusting the amounts of Garnets used in the grinding process.)

  • Getting a Generator powerful enough to power the Rock Crusher, Tumblers, and Rock Sorting Table.

  • Building trailers strong enough to move our heavy, custom built equipment.

  • Keeping the Crusher going.  Montana Agate is extremely hard material.

Back-Lit Agate Panels

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