Characteristics of Picasso Marble

Picasso marble was formed during prehistoric times when lava mixed with limestone.  The colors and blustery patterning are from magmaPicasso Marble Dog Carving being forced through fractures in the limestone, coloring the stone with gray or tan streaks and black lines.  It is an astonishing combination of intertwining blacks, browns, and tans that looks much like the famous Artist Picasso's paintings. Some photos of very finely carved Picasso Marble Horses HERE.

Picasso marble can fluctuate from specimens exhibiting fairly harmonized colors of beige to brown or highly dramatic specimens that have black, grey and brown with bold veins of other colors.  Some specimens even have greens in them.  Most Picasso marble comes from Utah.

Identifiable by its striking and dramatic combination of browns, blacks, grays and white colors, each piece is different.  When cut into cabochon the stones often have a picturesque appearance and look like forest trees or hill sides in winter.

Folklore, Legend, and Healing Properties:

Picasso Marble (or Picasso Stone) has strong metaphysical qualities of grounding and soothing.  It is said to promote weight loss and assist in one's of creativity, as well as enhancing strength and self-discipline.  Other characteristics are believed to be Self-control, Clarity, and total recall of dreams.  It is also said to assist in meditation, protect, nurture, and strengthen.  And, to aid in mind development and expression of physical and material goals.  It is even believed to help heal viral infections.

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