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North American Indian Gallery and Museum

Billings, Montana

North American Indian Gallery and Museum

Dick HarrisDick Harris has been involved in collecting and selling Indian Ironwood carvings and baskets for several years.  His collection includes many one-of-a-kind items that can never be duplicated.  Although a few of the carvings are still being made, the baskets are extremely rare.  Some of the Ironwood carvings Dick has collected were specially commissioned by Dick himself.

The Ironwood carvings range from 2 or 3 inches to around 5 feet tall (although the taller Soldier, Indian and Dog wood carvings are made from another type of wood).  Dick informed us that the Ironwood used in these carvings is often 300 years old or older, and is gathered by the  Indians for carvings and other uses.  Ironwood is rare and very hard to carve due to its innate toughness.

Dick showed us baskets ranging in size from a couple of millimeters to one large enough to hold two or more adults.  Some of the baskets are very rare and can take a year or more to create.  The largest of Dick's baskets was appraised at over a half million dollars and is considered to be destined for a Museum.  Aside from theIndian Basket pretty artwork on these baskets, they are woven so Indian Baskettightly they will hold water, and are almost indestructible.  The fibers used by the  Indians to make the baskets go through a very rigorous process and are native to a very small area in Mexico.

Dick interests also include generators - ranging from small camper generators to generators large enough to power 27 households each.


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