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"Montana Agate" Beads

Also take a look at our Colored "Montana Agate" & Tiger-EyeClear Montana Agate Beads Beads.  Also some NEW agate beads HERE.

Semi-Precious Gem Stone Montana Agate made into Beautiful Beads in assorted sizes and styles.  These beads show off the Gold and Silver accents when used in Necklaces, Earrings or Bracelets.

You can see the Iris accents in the beads if you look at them closely.

Add Montana Agate Beads to your own creations to dress them up and evoke a "Montana Theme" to them.

Available in Large or Small Orders from Rising Sun Wholesale.   Also available "Retail" at Rising Sun Internet Retail Store.

See More Examples of our Clear Agate Beads and  Clear Agate Jewelry.

Clear Montana Moss Agate Bead Prices: (prices available on request)

2mm (16" strands)

4mm (16" strands)

6mm (16" strands)

8mm (16" strands)

10mm (16" strands)

Photography by: masonwebdesign

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