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Giant Rock Tumbler

Our Extra Large Capacity Tumblers and Crushers - were specially built to handle large volumes of Montana Agate for some very special projects we have lined up.  This tumbler is currently in operation, as you can see from the this short (but noisy) video segment. The Tumbler will handle 2 1/2 tons of agate and is be powered by a 220 volt 7HP motor.  Currently the Giant Tumbler is loaded with 1,500 pounds of Montana Agate and 500 pounds of Garnets (for smoothing and polishing).  We anticipate 1/3 of the total weight of the Montana Agate will be lost in the tumbling process.

Large Rock Tumbler

Video of Giant Tumbler in Action

Large Rock Tumbler              Large Rock Tumbler


Large Rock Tumbler              Large Rock Tumbler

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Rock Crusher

Large Capacity Rock Crusher


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