Montana Agate - Bracelets, Earrings, Figurines, Lamps, Necklaces, Rings and more.


Coming Attractions!!

Multi-Million Dollar Project - (PROGRESS REPORTS)

Multi-Million Dollar Project - Progress Reports

Montana Agate Panels - Designed and Built by Joe Love


The Rock Crusher!! - Photos & Video

Coming Soon The Rock Crusher - Photos & Video

Here are a few prototypes of carvings we will be making from Montana Agate sometime

in the next few months.  View the entire gallery here.

Colorful Picasso Marble Carvings

We will be making these Roses out of Montana Agate



New Agate Chip Designs

Agate Wagon

WOW! See this Wagon in 3d HERE!


See More Examples of our New Agate Items!  HERE


Our Extra Large Capacity Tumblers and Crushers - being specially built to handle large volumes of Montana Agate for some very special projects we have lined up - more information Coming Soon!!

Large Rock Tumbler

This Large Tumbler is shown in various stages of conversion. It will handle 2 1/2 tons of agate and will be powered by a 220 volt 7HP motor.

More Large Rock Tumblers.


Montana Agate Versions of Aluminum Critters



INTARSIA from Rising Sun Wholesale


 NEW Wonderfully Hand-Carved Agate Baroques - More photos and Info. HERE!



NEW Wonderfully Hand-Carved Agate Butterflies & Dragonflies - More photos and Info. HERE!

Fantastic Montana Agate Dragonfly        Amazing New Carved Butterflies



Baltic Amber

We are going to make a vest, similar to the one shown on the right, completely out ofAmber Vest - Click on Photo to Enlarge Montana Moss Agate.  The vest shown is made from Baltic Amber and took over 3Amber Vest - Click on Photo to EnlargeAmber Vest - Click on Photo to Enlarge months to construct.Amber Vest - Click on Photo to Enlarge  We welcome your comments concerning our new projects and ideas.  The Agate version of this vest is going to be very heavy while this Amber version is very light.  We do have a few other pieces of Amber Jewelry on our Retail Web Site if you are interested.  Amber prices have recently skyrocketed and our Amber Jewelry remains a real bargain while it lasts. 

Below are a few additional photos of the Amber Vest, you may click on the photos for larger versions of them.




Six Agate Cowboys


Below is a list of some new projects we are working on, or will be working on in theMount Rushmore Carved Coral near future.  Some of these projects take quite a while to accomplish and some are limited to as little as "one" item.  Other projects will include anywhere from 2 to 100 items of a single type.  Also take a look at some of our NEW ARRIVALS.

  • Cowboy with a Lamp

  • Hand-carved edition of Mount Rushmore.Click to Enlarge Image of Mt Rushmore

  • Military Figurines - (including: Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines).

  • Hand-carved Set of 4 Wolves, similar to this one with 4 wolves in a single carving.

  • New versions of our wonderful Cowboys Gallery & 3d Cowboys.

  • Several New versions of Animals - Elk, Bears, Turtles, Horses, Dogs etc.

  • New Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings.

  • Jewelry Boxes.

  • Hand-carved Butterflies.

  • We are also experimenting with other types of stone, like Carnelian, Jade, Crystal and others.

  • New version of The Cowboys.

We would like to hear your opinions on these items and any suggestions you have for us to create a new item.  Please Contact Us with your comments and suggestions.


Wolves   Cowboy with Lamb   Cowboy with Lamb

Possible NEW Version of the Cowboys        Possible Jewelry Box Design

Also, be sure to check out our New, Fun and Interesting section on the Web Site.

Butterfly Prototype    Carved Crystal   Inlays

Photo Galleries