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New Cabochon Butterfly Lamp Design


New Cabochon Lamp with Hand-Carved Agate Butterflies in Each Panel


Hand-Carved ButterflyHere's an exciting new lamp design that we are really happy about.  We had Premiere Montana Lamp Artist, Joe Love, create this amazing design.  Joe created each panel with a Hand-Carved, Montana Agate Butterfly in the center for each of the four panels on this lamp.  Joe's lamps are all hand-made by Joe himself in Huntley, Montana, and include a Certificate of Authenticity along with his signature on each one.  Look for this lamp and others similar to this at our Retail Website, and.  Please take a close look at a few of the photos of the lamp and tell us what you think (Contact Us).  We are also now working with Joe Love on a few new table designs and we can't wait to see them.










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