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In Remembrance of Al's Agates

"I had always wondered why "tumbled" agates lost their shine and luster after a year or so.  An Elderly gentleman, who was a chemist for the Holly sugar Company, solved this mystery for me.Al's Agates  He told me that he had done a lot of experimenting and found that agates have small pores, and that these pores fill up with dirt and dust.  The heat and friction, when hand-polishing, seals these pores and you have a life-time shine.

Another old gentleman taught me to cab and hand-polish agates.  I will never forget his booming voice when he said to me "Never do that cheap tumbling: it will ruin your business."

That is where I get my slogan.......

"Hand-polished agates, like true friends, are precious and everlasting."Albert Siegle

-Albert J. Siegle  (deceased)


Al's Agates  

Terry, Montana





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Photography by: masonwebdesign

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