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John Stockhill Jewelers - Montana Agate Inlays

John Stockhill Jewelers

John Stockhill Jewelers has been in business since 1947.  Current owners are Gary and Karen Morken.  They also have two employees - Manager Marlene Watt and Goldsmith Tara Moore.

They stock and sell:Montana Agate Inlay

  • A Large selection of Diamond Items

  • Montana (YOGO) Sapphires

  • Watches of all types

  • Jewelry, Crystal, and Silver Items

  • Montana Agate Items

Below are some photos of their Montana Agate Inlays (Intarsia).  Each Inlay is unique and displays a different scene to each person who views them.  Some of the photos are backlit to enhance the clarity.  INTARSIA is the centuries old skill of combining Gem Materials into Works of Art.  Each Piece of Stone is precisely cut and fitted for inlay into, or overlay of, another Gemstone.  Once assembled the complete piece is polished to a high finish.  Each Intarsia is made entirely by hand.

Montana Agate Inlay

Montana Agate Inlay

Montana Agate Inlays

John Stockhill Jewelers

705 Main Street

Miles City, Montana 59301

Ph 406-234-4064

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