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Three Dimensional "3d" Images of Our Montana Agate Products

These are genuine "hand-carved" examples of our Montana Agate Carvings and other items.  They are the real deal - if you look very closely at the carvings, you can see tiny flaws and faceted cracks in the agate stone itself and marks made by the carver.  When you hold one of these carvings in your hand they appear heavier and more finely polished than in the Photos.  Hold one of these agate carvings up to the light and you will be impressed and amazed at the colors and unique designs.

We are providing these three dimensional images to help showcase our products.  Once loaded, you can spin and magnify the objects.  Please let us know if you would like additional information and pricing of our Montana Agate Products.

Each image is made using 30 to 40 photos - taken at various angles - then processed with 3d imaging software - and converted to QuickTime or Flash format.  The Flash format might load and play more quickly - depending on your individual computer.  Please send us your comments on the photos and which "format" prefer using the simple form on our Contact Us page.

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Agate Beer Wagon



Photography by: masonwebdesign


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